Submit a Motion

Submit a Motion


What is a motion?


Student Council is where your elected reps and officers come together to discuss and vote on ideas to improve the student experience. 

An idea submitted to Council is called a 'motion' - reps and officers submit these ideas ahead of the meeting, so everyone attending Council can see and reflect on them before voting at the meeting.

Once a year we also host our Annual General Meeting (AGM) where all students can attend and vote - you can submit ideas to this meeting (see below) and you will hear and share your views on the work of officers and trustees throughout the past year. Officers and trustees will put their reports to students at the AGM and students get to ask questions, share their views and vote on these reports.

These motions become binding for the Students' Union - it means as an SU we will commit to achieiving what the motion sets out if Council votes in favour of it. An important point to note here is that this is about what the SU will do, so should be worded that way. For instance, you can't put forward a motion that makes the university do something, but you can put forward a motion that makes the SU lobby and try to convince the university to do it.



Writing your motion 


You can submit a motion to Council/AGM using the form below. You’ll see that the form for doing this asks you for 3 sections - the Union 'notes', the Union 'believes' and the Union 'resolves'. 

The first, the Union 'notes' is about the issue you're trying to fix – it’s strictly about the facts of the problem, making it clear what the issue is, being as specific as you can.

The Student Union 'believes' is the next bit - this is where you explain WHY the above is an issue - WHY should we do something about this problem? This is where you can convince people to support your motion.

The final bit, the Union 'resolves' is key - this is about the action you want the Union to take, how you want officers to respond - what you want to HAPPEN as a result of this motion passing.

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