Sports Scholars 19/20

Sports Scholars 19/20

I’m really happy to achieve a Sports Scholarship. It’s nice to be rewarded for something I feel so passionate about. I hope to inspire others and show them that anything is possible if you work hard. 

I am extremely grateful to have received a sports scholarship from the university. The money I receive will help me take the next steps to become a C grade netball umpire, by funding the course and practical test needed to complete this. The money will also help me fund new resources for the club I play for, ensuring our training is top-level and will allow me to constantly improve my skills. Thank you.



Thank you so much to the Students Union for providing me with this Sports Scholarship. This goes a long way in my career as a World Cup Telemark Skier to pay for training, competition and travel expenses. It wouldn't be possible without this support. I am also very proud to be a student at the University of Suffolk in Sport and Exercise Science, and to work with professionals like Manos Georgiadis, my Sport Psychologist and Marco Beato, my Sports Physiologist.



I’m so grateful to be awarded the sports scholarship. As a health science student juggling both placement and academic work can be difficult so getting out and playing sport really helps both my physical and mental health. I will be spending the money on ways to better my exercise regime and it will also help me fund my placement.



I am extremely delighted to receive this award. It will help to fund my travel expenses to and from Ipswich six times a week for football and for my studies. It relieves the pressure off me as I'm currently having to work multiple nights and on the weekends to try and pay for travel. This means I can focus on studying ready for my final year at uni, and training and playing in order to improve as a player. Thank you very much! 


The bursary will help no end with covering the general expenses for competing at the highest level for Scotland. Travel, accommodation, competitions, training camps and kit are a few things to name that I have to pay for out of my own pocket. With the financial support from the UoS SU I can concentrate fully on my training leading up to the Commonwealth games without worrying about the finical implications of getting there 



Thank you for awarding me with this sports scholarship. This money will contribute to the travelling I do when coaching the eastern counties youth girls team and when I play for the eastern counties ladies team. I am really grateful and look forward to introducing a rugby presence in the SU.


I want to say thank you for awarding me as a sports scholar. It is a great feeling knowing my contributions to sport is appreciated. This award will allow me to attend courses which will help me achieve my dream career! Thank you!