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Sport Elections

Sport Elections


Being on a sport's committee is exciting and rewarding, but can be tough. It takes time, commitment, dedication, and above all, enjoyment in what you’re doing. By putting in the effort for your members, you’ll be providing great opportunities for them and making a difference to their university lives. It doesn’t stop there either; organising a sport is a great way to develop your own skills and enhance your CV; meet new and interesting people; and have a good time (of course!)

Why should you run for a committee role? Well alongside it naturally being rewarding, you'll receive a reference and get free membership for the entire year. Not to mention that the SU provide rewards for committee members all year long!

These are the committee roles available for each sport Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

President, Signatory Role

  • Is the figurehead of the sport. Acts as Chair during all meetings in a fair and democratic manner.
  • Ensures that the sport operates in accordance with it’s Constitution and the Articles of Association, bye-laws and policies of the Union.
  • Attends Union training sessions as appropriate.
  • Calls General Meetings of the sport, and committee meetings. Chairing AGMs and EGMs.
  • Organises fair and transparent elections for the following year’s committee in accordance of this bye-law, including the detailed handover to the next elected President.
  • Is the point of contact between The Union and the sport members. The President is mandated to keep in regular contact with the SU.
  • Authorises the withdrawal of expenditure from the sport’s account.
  • Oversees all group activity, teams within the sport, and ensures all other committee members are fulfilling their duties. 
  • Ensures reasonable conduct of all members, while they represent the SU. 
  • Ultimately responsible for the safe return of all rented equipment belonging to or hired by the SU.

Treasurer, Signatory Role 

  • Keeping current accurate financial information of the sport’s activities.
  • Ensuring financial transactions made through the Union are conducted in accordance with guidance provided.
  • Authorising the withdrawal of expenditure from the sport’s account.
  • Attending Union training sessions as appropriate.
  • Ensuring that all relevant financial documents are retrieved from the previous Treasurer and passed on to the next Treasurer.
  • Presents budget to the committee, general committee meetings and AGMs/EGMs.
  • Plays a key part in making bids for additional funding, from both UOSSU and external bodies.
  • Manages memberships and registration
  • Acts as fundraising officer where appropriate.
  • Collaborates with all members within the sport (all teams and social players). 

Administrative Secretary, Signatory Role

  • Takes notes at meetings and distributes them where appropriate.
  • Asks Student Opportunities Coordinator to organise spaces for meetings, training if applicable. 
  • Keeps a member’s database up to date, to be communicated with SOC.
  • Plays a key role in administering all official fixtures/events and admin.
  • Oversees/confirms transport arrangements. 
  • Keeps a file of group activities and processes throughout the year to enable smooth handover.
  • Collaborates with all members within the sport (all teams and social players).
  • To fill out the administrative forms. (This could include, but is not limited to: risk assessments, team packs, accident forms, guest speaker, applications and official payment receipts, etc).
  • Organising fair and transparent processes within the sport in accordance of this bye-law, including the detailed handover to the next elected Secretary.

Social Secretary

The position does not have to be filled, but if this is the case, the duties must be assigned to the signatory roles.

  • Establish a programme of appropriate activities to cater for the interests of the memberships.
  • Organise appropriate regular social functions and themes.
  • To liaise with the Student Opportunities Coordinator to book accessible venues, catering and entertainment as required.
  • Oversee and manage the social media, recruitment advertising and run communications (chats, forums, etc.).
  • Organises awards, incentives and recognition.
  • Collaborate with other activities to provide a variety of activities.
  • Finds new ways to engage players and maintain attendance.

Wellbeing Officer

  • Safeguards (or allocates someone to) all events
  • Acts as an Active bystander
  • Ensure smooth reporting of wellbeing concerns and put signposting measurers in place
  • Allocates sober drivers at socials, and buddy systems on nights out (does not have to be someone who stays sober at every social, but can allocate and oversee safe drinking)
  • This role is not a counsellor, but someone who can handle a potentially stressful situation 

Captain (A position available per competing team will be allocated by the committee). 

  • Ensures that all players are informed of meet times for fixtures/training.
  • Assists the SOC in recruiting Umpires and Officials for each fixture.
  • Research and network organisation/teams to collaborate and organise friendlies with local teams
  • To put decide teams ahead of competitive fixtures
  • Lead, support and represent the members of their appointed team fairly and consistently.
  • Set a good example on and off the field of play.
  • To gather attendance reports and make sure the team is fully able to commit to their scheduled fixtures.
  • Collect team packs, money, kit and first aid before the fixture.
  • To delegate the roles and duties of a captain to another person, should they be absent. 
  • Ensure all captain packs are signed and completed at every fixture and returned by 10am the following day of the match. 


8th June – Nominations Open 

22nd June – Nominations Close

23-25th June – Voting

26th June – Results

2nd July - Sports Committee Training 1 - 12:00pm (2 Hours)

3rd July - Society Committee Training 1 - 12:00pm (2 Hours)

17th July – AGM/Handover Deadline

September bye-elections and training 2 tbc