Your University of Suffolk SU Competitive Sports teams

Here at your SU Sport we currently have 4 teams entered in BUCS (British Universities & College Sports) and 1 team entered in the local FA league. We are constantly looking to grow our sporting side with new sports scholarships and the development of team and individual sports, if you would like to sign up or form a new sports team/individual sport, then feel free to email our new Sports and Activities Coordinator Tiffany Evripidou at to express your interest. 



We have 5 teams competing this year,  4 of which are in BUCS for the 2018/19 season. These are Men's Football 1sts (Tier 5) & 2nds (Tier 7), Women's Futsal (Tier 1) and Women's Netball (Tier 9). Our Women's Football team compete in the local Suffolk Girls and Womens Football League.

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