Gaming Society

Gaming Society


The games society is a diverse group of Students across all different courses and years with all different experiences in gaming. With a wide range of consoles, both new and old, 60 high end PC’s and even some board games there is something for everyone. You don’t have to be experienced, or even competitive, to join this fun community, but just have an interest in sitting back and loading up a game. The society strives to have a selection of games, saving you the money and providing a comfortable and fun environment for you to try something new, or revisit an old favourite.   

If you have a more competitive streak, the society also holds tournaments of all kinds, the most popular to date being a Super Smash Bro’s tournament. You don’t have to be a master to enter, losing isn’t a total knockout so it can be fun for everyone. And if you do happen to win you could win up to half the cash made from the small entry fee (just £1). 

Worried about dedicating your time? Games society have a great relationship with other societies, especially with the film and the Dungeons and Dragons societies, so your interests can be flexible and personalised to you. The society aims to be fun and accessible without overlapping other events you may be interested in.   

Membership is just £1 which gives you access to multiple platforms and games and a community of people to share your experience with. They meet once a week, usually on a Wednesday in A214 at 6pm but keep an eye out for their events too.  

As well as weekly meetings the society has a friendly and active group chat on Facebook and a Discord, giving you a chance to get to know the members and share in a shared interest of all thing’s games.

If you’re interested, look out for the posters outside A214 and come along to an event. Alternatively, you can follow and message the Facebook page “UoS Games Society” or email any of the committee members. They will be happy to help you out or answer any questions. 

Who are on committee? 



Mircea Alexandru Lazar




Jordan Carman




Kiril Kostadinov



Marketing and Events Officer

Alex Mednick



External Communications Officer

Dumitru Liche