FAQ's for Societies

FAQ's for Societies

This is where you can find out everything you need to know about SU Societies:

What is a Society?

A collective of students formed on the basis of celebrating, promoting or experiencing an interest/hobby which can be either course-subject, recreational or interest related.


How many people do I need to start a society?

You only need 3 people; a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Details about the roles can be found in the resource library.

If you don't have 3 people to fill these roles, if you still put forward your society ideas we can help advertise it and see if there's anyone else interested in creating the society.


we have 3 people WHO WANT TO FORM THE SOCIETY, what do we do next?

Once you have deligated the 3 roles (Optional to have more roles to split the work e.g. recruitment officer, social executary) you'll want fill in the commitee members contact form and read the 'SU Societies Code of Conduct' found in the resource library. Once these are complete, you can work alongside the SU to get your first event prepared.


How do we go about putting events on?

Here are the key steps to follow:

  1. Pick an event idea, theme and type - always worth involving your members to see what they actually want.
  2. Pick a time, date and venue - again, try to work with your members to get as many people there.
  3. Run your ideas and progress past the Student Activities Coordinator (Tiffany).
  4. Complete a risk assessment.
  5. Finalise details with the SU.
  6. Enjoy your event!


What platform should we use to share our activities and achievements?

Each society has their own place on this website in which you can keep your members and non-members updated and post upcoming events, however, it's always worth having a social media account to reach as many people as possible. We always advise to only make social media accounts that you will be able to keep up to date, anything that doesn't get regular updates may put off potential members. 

Popular social media accounts for societies include; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The good old fashion poster route is always a great way to get peoples attention on-campus. Our advice would be to use the free website 'Canva' for creating bright and unique posters.


When should we hold events?

It's always worth planning events throughout the year to keep your society relevant and show to potential members why your worth the signing fee. There are however, a few key dates which we would suggest all societies to hold an event, these include:

1. Freshers' week in September = Great opportunity to get in some new students and get your face out there for the year ahead.

2. Holidays such as Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and Easter = A themed event relevant to a holiday never goes a miss and gurantees some interest from members and even non-members.

3. Re:Freshers' week in February = Another opportunity at Re:Freshers' week to get in some new recruits - especially the new Feburary starters.

4. Exam periods = Believe it or not, it's always nice to host a relaxing event around the exam season - helping to reduce that exam stress.


What type of events can we hold?

Events can range from big, large scale events or simple and easy - that is completely down to you! With big events, it requires a fair bit of time and energy to ensure all points are covered, however these can be extremely succesful. On the otherhand, you can plan a small scale event that allows your members just to get together, for example, using the table tennis table in the breakout area or using the chaplancey to chill out and have a cuppa tea.

The SU will aim to help as and where we can to make your event successful. If there is an initial cost we are very accommodating and will do our best to make it happen - however we must add this has to be within reason!


What rewards can Societies get?

Every year all societies compete for the chance to win the Society of the Year Award. When a society is first formed, it is entered into the Society Rewards Scheme. The scheme itself is comprised of a number of different criteria which societies race to fulfil in order to win points throughout the year, the list of society rewards can be found in the resource library.  At the end of the year, the points are totalled and the society with the most is crowned Society of the Year. 

In addition to this, forming and working as a society commitee member develops not only interpersonal, planning and time management skills, but is makes a fantastic point to add to your CV and will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to finding a job after University.


For further information, contact your SU on su.admin@uos.ac.uk or call 01473 338153?