Could you become a Student Trustee?

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We've got an opening on our Board of Trustees for a new student trustee!

What is a trustee?

University of Suffolk SU is a charity, and therefore has a governing body called the Board of Trustees, of which we have two student trustees. Trustees are expected to be aware of and act in accordance with charity law, making sure the Students’ Union's actions are lawful and purposefully and financially sound. It's a very rewarding and interesting role that will look great on your CV!

You can find out more about our Board of Trustees here:


By becoming a student trustee you'll:

  • Gain knowledge in areas such as charity law, commercial processes and organisational governance
  • Develop your decision making, organisation, team-work and speaking skills.
  • You’ll gain experience in helping develop the strategy for a charity that serves almost 9,000 students, a really valuable experience to have at the start of your career


How do I apply?

Interested? Deadline for applications is June 14th - apply here. You can read more about the role in our Student Trustee Pack.

Questions? Or would you like a chat about the role? Email


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