Self-care Checklist

Self-care Checklist


15 Well-being tips

1. Finish reading that book you keep meaning to read.

2. Complete those odd jobs around the house that you keep meaning to do.

3. Don’t be alone! Facetime your friends and family. Set aside a designated hour where you can group chat with all your family and friends.

4. Get out of your PJs and keep a good routine.

5. Exercise regularly, there are plenty of videos on YouTube.

6. Learn a new skill.

7. Open the curtains and windows to get some fresh air and natural light.

8. Do some colouring in, painting, arts and crafts.

9. Play board games with your family.

10. Try to eat healthy food.

11. Take a break from the news. Limit your time watching the news to just once a day to reduce your anxiety.

12.Social Media clean up – Chances are you will be on social media a lot more and this can affect your mental health. Try removing or unfollow those who keep posting negative comments.

13. Visit the zoo from your home! Many zoos have live webcams streaming 24/7.

14. Limit your caffeine intake! Too much caffeine can increase your anxiety, make you restless and affect your sleeping pattern.

15. Don't be too harsh on yourself - it is ok to feel worried in the current situation. 







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