Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts


Gergana is our Comms and Events Coordinator and she loves photos! Her challenge for you is:

''We take photos all the time, but how often do we really look at them? I challenge you to organize them in folders and print your favourite ones. It is worth it, trust me. I promise it will bring you joy!''






Wine Glass Painting


You will need: 


Wine glasses

Acrylic enamel paints


All of this is available to buy online. 


Make sure you wash and thoroughly dry your wine glasses first. And then start to paint! And because you’re painting on glass if you make mistake you can simply wipe it away with a paper towel. Decorate your glass any way you like or check out some inspiration below. 

Then let it set. You can do this either by leaving it for 21 days or by putting them in a cold oven and then turning it to 180 degrees and leaving it for half an hour. Make sure you let the glasses cool afterwards. 

And you’re done! If you give this a go tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can have a look at your work. 


Homemade Bath Bombs (8 half balls)


You will need: 

100g bicarbonate of Sofa

50g of citric acid

25g cornflour

2 tbsp of oil (any oil, but coconut is a personal recommendation)

¼ teaspoon of essential oil, whatever oil you like! Try lavender or chamomile if you’re not sure.

A few drops of liquid food colouring, whatever you fancy

A bath bomb mould. (You can use anything flexible for this such as silicone ice cube trays or yoghurt pots.)



Put the bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and cornflour into a bowl and whisk. 

In a separate small bowl/container mix the essential oil and food colouring together well. Then slowly add it to the mixture a little at a time, mixing continuously. Add a few drops of water and mix it quickly (as it will fizz when you add this). You want the mixture to clump together and hold in place when you squeeze it so don’t add too much. 

If you want to decorate your bath bomb at this stage, you can glitter or petals or orange peel into the mould before you fill it. 

Pack your mixture tightly into the mould and leave for 2-4 hours. 


Decorative pots


You will need: 

A clear container. (Some ideas include old jam jars or glasses) 

Things to put inside. Some ideas include coffee beans, marbles, gems, popcorn kernels, stones, acorns. 



Simply fill it up! Chose a colour scheme or maybe think about scents. You could even add some fairy lights to the outside of the container, or the inside before you fill it up and double it up as a light. When you’ve filled it you can push your pencils or makeup brushes into it or place a tea light on it for a table centrepiece.