Nights Out

Nights Out


An important part of being a student is your social life, you can become a bit bogged down sometimes and those working part time will need to let their hair down on occasions. Our local partners host various student focused events throughout the year. Here are some of our recommended locations. 

Unit 17 

The Official Student Night out of the week is held on Thursdays.

Unit 17 boasts 3 rooms full of music and include some of the best DJ’s in the area, you are sure of a good night out! 



Held every Monday, Revs hosts the ever challenging iQuiz. There are also many great Student deals and on food and cocktails. 

New York Exchange Bar 

NYEB is situated roughly opposite Revolution and host a great alternative night called Reckless which is held every Monday. It offers great music, excellent drink prices and is open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday till late. 

Often used as a warm up bar on Thursdays, look out for those crazy themed nights! 


The Black Horse

Fancy something a bit heavier? Then look no further than The Black Horse! This small pub knows how to rock your socks off. Hosting game nights, live bands, great drink and most importantly METAL. Here you’ll find a warm and welcoming environment with like-minded people.



Wetherspoons (The Cricketers)

Popular with Students wanting a drink without having a lasting damage to their wallets. Order on your phone and your food and drink will arrive at your table!


The Rep

The Greene King pub 'The Rep' was formerly the town's repertory theatre. This large two floor pub is known for it's firey Saturdays and vintage interior, perfect for those who want to go out, but not out out.


The well known bar chain Yates is the newest addition to the town centre. If you fancy a bar that's a little more lively than Wetherspoons that offers similar drink deals, then Yates is the place to be. Popularly known among campus for their 'Toasty Thursdays' of which consists of recieving free toast with a drink, ideal for those who 'peak too soon'.

KC'S nightclub

KC's nightclub and bar, located in Elm street, offers two floors to enjoy the party on; majority of the club is based on the ground floor, however, there are two additional club areas, a chill out room with sofas and a VIP bar area on the first floor. KC's isn't always the first port of call on a night out, but it's one of them places you just have to try.


Sin Bar 

Sin bar is directly opposite Revolution and is a spit and sawdust venue, Student focused drink prices and shots, great DJ’s and popular if your on a night out in Ipswich as part of the “circuit”. Worth a look if you are out partying! 


TGA’s aka Gardeners Arms 

Sports your thang? Then head over to the Gardeners Arms aka TGA’s, our Sports bar and sponsor of our Football teams. Great atmosphere, good screens, food, bands and good ale, a classic good all round pub. 


Isscas on the Quay

Popular with students offering reasonably priced food and drinks and best of all, it's only a couple of minutes walk from the Waterfront Building and Athena Halls! 


Fancy something a little less rowdy?


The Forge 

One of those that doesn’t like all the noise and fuss, prefers excellent food, good company, a good conversation and excellent beer and wine, head to The Forge, just on the corner it does bottomless coffee and a fantastic breakfast, has free wi:fi and Student focused prices, popular with Students and staff, those studying Post Grad/MBA’s a nice easy going place to hang out, look out for Comedy and the adhoc live band. 


Are you a Student Parent? Then Cult might be your place to hang out, with exceptional views over the Waterfront, Cult hosts excellent guest wines and ales, a relaxed home from home environment and is a place where you can both eat, chill and meet up with those is a similar position to yourself. It is baby and toddler friendly to and the nearest bar to Athena Halls, the main Student accommodation on Campus. 


Briar bank Brewery  

Did you know Ipswich had it's own Micro-brewery right on your doorstep? You Probably didn't, but it's true! The Briar bank Brewery it's the place to go in Ipswich for a unique, microbrewery to bar, beer experience just a moments' walk from the Waterfront Building. 


Lord Nelson 

You may have walked past the Lord Nelson many times without realising but you should definitely give them a try! A classical English pub located at the heart of town, just a few minutes' walk from the Waterfront Building! They sell lush pub grub too! 


The Dove 

Popular for real ales, whisky selection and pub grub- located just a stone's throw away from the Atrium Building.