Celebrating Black Excellence

Celebrating Black Excellence


As part of Black History Month, this page celebrates black excellence in our university and our local community - people who have achieved great things and are great role models in their community. 




"My name is Luis Neto, born and raised in Angola with Portuguese background. I'm a professional barber

and stylist with over 19 years experience. I moved to England 9 years ago.

I am considered a man of culture due to my interest in fashion, music and art. Constant customer feedback evidently proves my professionalism and friendly manner.  I proudly hold many unique qualities with the ability to speak numerous foreign languages including Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. My ability to speak four languages classes me as an international barber and stylist, allowing me to have good communication skills with various people from different backgrounds.

I have worked in Portugal as Barber & stylist and owned a saloon. I have also worked in Netherlands, United States, Norway and China doing part time as a Barber & Stylist. Currently I am working at Luis Neto Hair Design in Norwich and owner manager at Luis Neto  Hair Design in Norwich, England . I've managed to create an impressive large client base, including the manager and players of Norwich City Football Club and professional fighters. Luis Neto’s great reputation has been formed by recommendation by satisfied clients.



In 2019 We have opened up a new Luis Neto Hair design in Almada, Lisbon, Portugal."



And I am delighted to announce that our progress in building a brand that can be recognised across the world is now taking its first steps.




Remi Morrison


Remi Morrison, founder of Red Cactus Media is a Nigerian/British producer who has credits including music videos, feature films, corporate videos and short films. With over 7 years in music/media PR where she has worked for companies such as Global Radio, home of some of the biggest radio stations in the U.K such as Capital FM; FOX Channel and Purple PR where she worked on campaigns for national artists including Kelly Rowland, LoveBox and Natty.  She has also worked with African artists and companies such as Afro Pop Live, Nneka, Afrikan Boy and Bumi Thomas.


" I’m a lover of film and all things creative. Having moved near the Ipswich area, I found wanted to tell stories and help businesses with video. That inspired me to really think seriously about turning my freelance account into a business. The aim with Red Cactus Media is to create a vibrant company with specialism in video production and marketing services for Tech and Health and Wellness. Clients include TIGA Gaming awards, Suffolk County Council, University Of Suffolk and East of England Coop.

Remi is also a champion for women. She is a creative producer, developing a series based on inspirational interviews with women called 'Breaking Out of the Box', to be distributed online and potentially across African networks. This is a project she's passionate about as she wants to inspire young girls to do and be what they want to be. She's also a wife to Matt and mum to Amelia

Celebrating African culture has always been at the forefront of her life as she has a family history that is tied to Nigerian history in more ways than one. Her heritage is Sijuwade on her father’s side who was the family of the late Ooni of Ife Oba Okunade Sijuwade, whilst her mother’s side is Gbadebo whose family is currently ruler in the Alake of Egbaland. Oba Adedotun Gbadebo is currently looking to boost tourism in Abeokuta as the historical city is seen as a leader in the culture of the Yoruba people." 



Garfield Hunt

Garfield-Hunt 2


A senior lecturer and activist inside and outside of the university - he tirelessly promotes anti-racism and supports organisations and individuals to achieve positive change. He has been involved with research which has identified ways to address racism in University. He is a trustee for Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality. You can read more about Garfield's work here. 





Mauro Cardoso 


"Like the majority of black people in Portugal, I grew up in the rough parts in which we call 'Bairro'. I had a good childhood, my family spoiled me, especially my grandad. My dad moved to England in 2001/02 to work and once he gathered some money, my brother, mum, and I moved over to England to seek a better life, opportunities, and education. These are things people take for granted. I knew I wanted to work in sport, so I decided to study sports performance analysis, which was a big achievement for me. Like majority of students, I went through a lot of hurdles and barriers through my time studying. During University I knew I wouldn't have the same opportunities as other people, therefore I had to do more in my free time. From being a student ambassador, course representative, volunteering at professional clubs, I had to sacrifice family gatherings and birthdays to get where I am today. I went from leaving college and doing nothing for a year to gaining a degree and becoming the vice-president of the students' union. Alongside that, doing a masters in football business."




Franstine Jones







Franstine Jones  is an activist and public speaker who works with organisations, and police nationally and locally and with young people to support their potential to achieve and become future leaders. She has been involved with setting up a forum to address the attainment gap for University of Suffolk Global majority students. Franstine has been the Vice Chair of ISCRE and first woman and police staff to be elected president of the National Black Police Association. You can find out more about Franstine here.





















   Jay Chandler - BAME Officer at the University of Suffolk SU

"I am a Caribbean beauty, mom of two, who is studying at the University of Suffolk her Social Work Degree as an Apprentice. My journey and experiences have taught me to appreciate life, love my family and respect others and their stories. My love to help and support others is guarded with my compassion and empathy towards everyone.

My belief in God has grown me spiritually and I devote my spare time volunteering in my church and local areas.

I am an activist for social justice and an advocate, standing against racism at any level.

Being elected as a BAME Officer was an honour and I vow to work really hard to ensure your journey studying here is equal and inclusive."









Peter Francis

My name is Peter Francis, I am a Business Management Graduate at the University of Suffolk and also a proud black man. Studying in the University of Suffolk has helped me to discern my potential and capabilities.  


Sometimes I cannot help but to think I am judged because of the color of my skin, but one thing I am grateful for in UOS is how much the members of staff, lecturers and even securities are willing to help students thrive no matter who or where they're from. This might seem like a little gesture to others but for me, I believe this gave me additional motivation and confidence to complete my degree. 


Whenever I was on the verge of quitting, I always think back and contemplate the opportunity I have before me.