Black History Month

Black History Month

In October, the BAME Liberation Officer Jay Chandler and the SU organized Black History Month!

The aims of Black History Month are to:

  • Promote knowledge of the Black History, Culture and Heritage
  • Highlight positive Black contributions to British Society
  • Increase the confidence and awareness of Black people to their cultural heritage.

#BlackLivesMatter #Empathy #TeachingTolerance




In celebration of Black History Month, this collaborative event between Suffolk Libraries and the University of Suffolk On Monday 19th October 2020, invited the acclaimed artist EVEWRIGHT to talk about their exploration of black identity in their creative practice.

Everton Wright (EVEWRIGHT) is a multi-disciplinary visual installation artist, who challenges public environments to make spaces for Black British stories to exist and thrive. Everton is a British artist, with parentage from Jamaica. His work is a conscious ‘mash up’ of drawing, sculpture, combined with digital film and live installations, using urban and rural landscapes as his canvas. He creates mirrors where he can see and recognises himself to instigate conversations in the mainstream about what it means to be Black and British in the UK today.