Award Categories

Award Categories



This award is for an outstanding society who have gone above and beyond to provide an excellent experience to their members, having made a positive impact on the student experience.




This award is for an outstanding sports club who have gone above and beyond to provide an excellent experience to their members and represented their University and SU, embodying the values of teamwork and commitment to the sport.



This award recognises achievement in the field of sports by a student athlete. This award celebrates the talent, dedication, and hard work of a student who has demonstrated outstanding performance and sportsmanship in their chosen sport or club, showing significant progress, commitment and dedication.


This award recognises an outstanding campaign led by students that has made a significant positive impact on their community or society at large. This award celebrates the leadership, creativity, and dedication of students who have taken on the challenge of identifying and tackling an issue that matters to them.


This award goes to a Volunteer Officer who has shown passion for, and dedication to, their role. This could be through running campaigns, creating events or representing students to the best of their ability.








Course Reps are a vital part of ensuring students get a say in shaping their own academic experience. This award goes to a Rep who has gone the extra mile to represent their peers throughout the year and has worked to make impactful changes.







This award recognizes the student who has gone above and beyond to raise funds for a worthy cause or organization, inspiring their peers and the community around them to join in the effort. The recipient will have shown outstanding commitment to organizing and executing successful fundraising, working to engage and motivate others to support the cause.





This award recognises a student who upholds and champions equal opportunities for all, regardless of their background or current situation. They work towards ensuring inclusivity and equality for under-represented groups and help to raise awareness or create change through events, campaigns or other activities. They demonstrate commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and show commitment to the improving their community; whether that be at university, the local community or a specific group of people.


This award is for an individual that has consistently gone above and beyond in their efforts to help their community, and their selflessness and dedication have made a significant impact on the lives of those around them. They will have shown a high level of commitment and be a positive and supportive role model. The shortlisting panel recognise that volunteering is a privilege which may not be available to everyone, so all nominations should focus on the impact that person has had on their chosen cause rather than the quantity of volunteering hours.


This award is to recognise an individual whose teaching style or content and the support they offer has inspired students to reach their academic potential and have provided an excellent delivery of learning. Inspiring lecturers are those who challenge and motivate their students, engaging them in meaningful academic activity.






This award is for an individual member of non-academic staff who has worked consistently to enhance the experience of students. This will celebrate those who have been helpful, supportive, approachable and patient and have ultimately positively affected the student experience.







This award is for a university department at UOS that has helped to improve the student experience, celebrating a team that consistently goes above and beyond to offer exceptional and friendly support, and includes both academic departments and non-academic departments such as support services.







Open to students and staff, this award recognises an individual that has gone above and beyond to improve the student experience here at UOS. This award is deserving of a someone who has left a significant impact on your university experience, no matter how big or small. It celebrates an effort to build and strengthen the sense of community, in addition to making a difference and embodying the University’s values of being a beacon for aspiration and achievement.