I'm Looking To Network

I'm Looking To Network

During your time at university you will develop many transferable skills which you can use when you can use in not only the workplace, but everyday life. The Students’ Union has put together a list of essential networking information from the university and other organisations for you to choose from. Make the most of your time at university and use its great connections to your advantage.


Finished University? Just because you’ve finished university doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone, the University’s Careers and Employability Service is available for up to three years after you graduate. In addition to this you can reregister your student account! just log onto MySuffolk and update your details to use your personal email address instead of your student email. Just because your not longer studying doesn't mean you loose access to the many resources available to you through the University. 


FutureMe is an essential feature on MySuffolk whereby you can take mini lessons on how to enhance your C.V and how to prepare for you Interviews. This is a must have for enhancing your chances of finding your dream job. In addition to this, there are many jobs advertised on FutureMe


LinkedIn is a social media platform whereby you can upload your C.V and connect with other professionals all over the world!


University of Suffolk Students have unlimited access to Lynda, an online learning platform that can help anyone learn business, software, creative skills and technology to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


Twitter might not seem like an academic thing, but make sure to follow people connected to your field of study! Be the first to know about new advancements, your Lecturers will be impressed.


Make sure to attend the University’s Careers and Employability events, Dates of these events can be found on the main University Website.


Target Jobs have great graduate opportunities as well as great networking tips for graduates.


Prospects have great advice for looking for jobs and networking after graduating.