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You're in the right place! This page gives you a 101 introduction into elections, telling you everything you need to know to nominate or vote - simply click on the questions below to see the answers.
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As a Students' Union, we are a democratic organisation, run for and by students, so it's really important we have students in officer and rep roles leading us, and students voting on who these officers and reps should be. This is what our elections are all about - students discussing what the priorities should be as a Union, on your course and in your halls, how we should runs things and how we should tackle key issues, and choosing their officer team and their reps based off this
We have 3 main groups of roles we're electing in this set of elections.

Course reps - represent the academic interests of students on your course, working the SU and. your course team to improve the student experience.


Accommodation reps - repreesnt the students in your halls, working with the SU and your accommodation team to tackle any accommodation issues students in your halls have.


Run to be an officer and represent various groups of students at UOS and lead the Students' Union. Represent various groups of students through Union and university meetings, and run campaigns and events throughout the year.

Nominations open for all roles on September 20th - just choose the role you're interested in, hit the relevant button below and you'll be able to nominate yourself through the website there. Not interested in running but still want to get involved? Voting for these roles will be between October 10 - 14th.
If you're struggling to nominate yourself for a role, make sure first of all you're logged in by hitting the yellow button in the top right of the page.

Then you'll need to make sure you're trying to nominate for a role you're eligible to - namely that you are actually part of that school, campus or identify as part of that liberation group if running for an officer role (you can select your self-identification groups here:

If you're running for an accommodation rep role, make sure you've confirmed with your halls of residence that you're happy for them to share your data with us - chat to your accommodation team, or email if you're unsure about this
If you're running for a course rep role, make sure you're trying to stand for your course, and then check on the course rep elections page that your course is having an online election. Some courses are running their elections for course reps in class - you'll receive more details in class about this, but email if you have any questions.

If none of that has worked, please email and we'll be able to help!


There are rules that govern how our elections run to make sure they are fair and accessible to all students. All candidates and their teams that run in these elections are bound by these rules. You can find a copy of these rules on the Candidate Hub.


If, whether as another candidate or as a student, you see anything you think might be breaking the rules or that isn't fair, you can report this to our Deputy Returning Officer, Bradley Allsop, who is in charge of the elections. You can contact him on


Something you'd like to ask about elections that isn't covered on the rest of this page? Just drop an email and we'll get back to asap!


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