Science, Technology & Education

Science, Technology & Education

Course studied: Strength & Conditioning

Previous home: Cebu, Philippines

One wish for this year: To enhance student and lecturer experience within the School of Sciences, Technology, and Engineering.

How would you be described?

I’m quite an outgoing person who enjoys a good discussion. I enjoy sports, particularly football. I also enjoy exploring new things or places, learning about the culture, and working towards my career goal (working for Juventus). I’m quite easy going and I’m always available for a quick word regarding my job role!

Reason for running for the role?

I see myself growing alongside our wonderful institution by taking on responsibility and engaging with fellow peers and staff, growing into a better leader. I believe this role allows me to take a step forward in terms of who I can learn from and work alongside. It encourages me to practise things (i.e. public speaking) that I may not be able to practise through my course, enhancing my university experience. Most importantly, I saw all the hard work and dedication my lecturers put into developing my course and how proud they are of what they are building and achieving through us, students. I endeavour to achieve similar results with my peers and fellow staff by improving the quality of our School as much as I can.