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I’m Dan Goulborn, the new President for Education and Engagement. This means that I will be representing you in academic matters within the uni, working closely with the most senior University staff, in effort to get the best possible education for you. I am so excited to be working alongside students and staff to represent the most important people in the university – you. These are difficult times and whether you are just starting your journey as a student, or returning to continue your studies, there will be some big changes.

I have some experience of academic representation through my role as a course rep for two years, representing my history cohort at Student Council. I also worked in ShopSU for a year as a Front of House Assistant, which gave me a level of understanding of what you expect from the Students’ Union.

You elected me in March on the promise of working on three campaigns to make your uni experience better:

  • Improve academic feedback. This is a really important aspect of improving your uni experience, as higher quality, and timely feedback will enable you to improve grades consistently and effectively. My predecessor, Georgia, started work on this with a feedback tool called SOFIA, which has proven effective in relaying what our students want and need, but the task is not quite finished, and I aim to do this by the end of the academic year.
  • Set up group wellbeing sessions. Wellbeing is such an important issue for all students, and as we are becoming more aware of its impact, we can be more effective in resolving it. One of the ways in which we can do this, is to organise a group session, where students can discuss between them methods of overcoming issues such as stress or anxiety. Often an appointment with an advisor can feel to formal, so we want to make more of an open setting to overcome wellbeing issues.
  • Organise a ‘Good Night Out’ campaign with the help of the Nation Union of Students. The NUS already run a campaign across the country that helps university students to stay safe on nights out. This will work through collaboration with bars, clubs, security teams and local police to ensure all students are safe while out.