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Vice President

Vice President

I'm Mauro Cardoso, your newly-elected Vice President. I am thrilled to represent you and I will work relentlessly to make sure you have a great and memorable experience at the University of Suffolk, during these unprecedented times.

I have recently completed my degree in Sport Performance Analysis and my career desire is to work in professional football. The Students’ Union were extremely supportive during my undergraduate and gave me numerous opportunities to create memories. Therefore, I want many more people to experience the similar time I had!

You elected me because you believe in me and my campaigns, which were:

  • To offer free extra-curricular language course alongside the degree. This will give students even more skills and will make them more employable which is crucial. By having a language course, it can give them an advantage when applying for roles, especially abroad. In any industry, having the ability to talk in different languages is significantly important.
  • To employ a qualified mental health advisor within the students' union. Students may feel more comfortable coming to the SU than the university as it isn't a pressured environment. In my third year I spent majority of the time in the SU as it was calm and all the staff supported me immensely. Therefore, just having someone there to support students at all times, especially in these unprecedented times. Additionally, it saves the SU from signposting student and they can deal with the situation in hand.
  • To offer more networking opportunities for schools, sports & campuses. This will allow students to network socially and it will create that family feeling at the University of Suffolk. For instance, creating events where all the other campuses can visit the Ipswich Hub or vice versa. Although they are not based in Ipswich, we are all still one!


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