President of Activities and Wellbeing

President of Activities and Wellbeing


Your Presidents give a report to Student Council every month, updating the student body on their work over the past month. You can read Meg's latest report here.


Hi, I'm Meg, your newly elected president of Activities and Wellbeing.

About me:

  • Psychology student- with a massive passion for well-being 
  • Suffolk Student Well-being Ambassador (SSWA)
  • Previous LGBTQ+ Officer and society committee member 
  • President of the Where’s your head at? society
  • Well-being Officer of the UOS Netball team 
  • Active well-being volunteer 

What I aim to do as President of Well-being and Activities?

  • Enhance Well-being Services

Well-being needs to be high on the agenda more than ever and I want to make sure that this is the University’s main priority. This is why I will Seek additional funding for student services for more counsellors and trained staff; therefore, reducing wait times and on call support for immediate help within a working week. 

Also make services more visible and easier to access, by creating a ‘Student Well-being’ button on the home page on My Suffolk/Brightspace, which takes you directly to all the support that is readily available to you, without the complications/faff!!

  • Create Green Space and Secure Bike Storage

I will campaign to revamp the courtyard that is next to the amazing new SU shop into a calm and refreshing sheltered green space. The recent developments of the Arts Building will allow to fill the space with lots of plants, flowers, a water feature and outdoor furniture so students can relax alone or chill with friends whilst reaping the benefits of fresh air and natural space. 

I will work with the sustainability team within the university to invest in secure and sheltered bike racks which are only accessible by pin code and with CCTV and on top of that push for a ‘borrow a bike’ scheme to be available to all students.

  • More Collaboration with Local Businesses

As part of building connections at the University I am eager to work with local businesses to create a better community spirit, for example working with businesses’ like Pennikkity Pots Ceramic Café and Avid Indoor Climbing. Benefiting both students with new events and discounts and helping to support the local businesses, whilst adding to the sustainable campus vison by reducing our carbon footprint. 

This will also create opportunities for students to find part-time work and work experience in the work fields they are interested in and be a part of the university culture change that is needed.

  • Sports Facilities

Again, as part of building connections at the University I will collaborate with a local sport facility so we are able to introduce a home for UOS sports, where our sports teams can train every week and proudly represent UOS in their matches at the same location, allowing students to feel part of a community. 

What I will work on with Alex Gooch:

  • Create course wide networks 

These will allow students to connect with peers across the year groups to gain research participants for dissertations or ask for support from the higher year groups. This will also include a budget to host socials as this is something students have really missed out on the past year.

Thanks for electing me as your President of Activities and Wellbeing