Postgraduate Officer

Postgraduate Officer



You can contact Chika on: SU.PostGradOfficer@UOS.AC.UK


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My name is Cyril-Enwefah, a graduate of philosophy from Nigerian, residing in Lagos, the largest city in West Africa. I am an accomplished and versatile manager in the financial services sector where I have spent over a decade with a Universal Financial Services Organization of international repute. I am very skilled in the areas of business development/relationship management, digitization/data analytics and project management. I have a profound knowledge of my role and the business area I function and as a result is often a go-to-person among my colleagues as a subject matter expert.

I have an independent mindset whilst also being comfortable & open to learning new things or new ways of doing things better. I am always enthusiastic and energetic; an attribute that have earned me an alias as ‘the indefatigable Chika’.

I love cooking and in fact am arguably a very good cook (this is a moot point though??)

I am a very confident and authentic leader, able to motivate my teams to high performance by focusing on strategic business goals. 

I perform optimally in a challenging but dynamic environment. I ideate and bring up creative ways for resolving issues, and open to learn.  I am an astute leader and believe that the depth of what I can do as a leader has not been fully tapped or stretched. 

I started the postgraduate MBA course in August 2020 and currently am on the Project Diploma level. I hope to conclude the programme by mid-2022, all things being equal.

My desire is to be able to bring the depth of my capability to lead change from a strategic decision position in the postgraduate office. I will be honoured and committed to serve the postgraduate community with the whole of my ability and make it a worthwhile experience for all.


Three points agenda I will be pursuing


1.     Improve tutoring/study, experience:

·       Supportive tutors, who are available to guide students regarding the weekly outlines and expectations on tasks.

·       Tutors to give comprehensive and timely feedback to all students.

·       Tutors to give customized guidance per student, according to each person’s need or gap.

·       Tutors should be trained to show empathy, be empathetic to the challenges of the students (particularly in the online environment) and be empowered to address/resolve the challenges reasonably.

·       Quality of materials should be top notch and properly verified by UOS, should meet minimum viable standard expected by the accreditation bodies, for tutors and tutoring.


2.      Improvements in processes by UOS and partner institutions:

·       Reduce timelines for publishing of grades + feedback to two weeks instead of four.

·       Rejig the current system so students are not left on their own to figure it out from only the outlines provided.

·       To have access to readily recorded webinars or tutorials made by tutors.

·       At least one real-time, virtual webinar per week for each module.

·       Review the filing of extenuating circumstances. If there are genuine unforeseen situation beyond student’s control, it should be admissible in less than 5 days.


3.     Improvements in socialization and networking

·       Create different platforms for online and onsite students to foster peer-assisted studying and assisting each other.

·       Create enabling social and networking environment, to enable tutors and students to maintain sound mental-health and well-being. These will provide the opportunity for them to forge sustainable and beneficial relationships into the future.

·       Access to discounts for forex challenged African/international countries.

·       Host international graduation ceremonies in African countries, where partnering institutions already have presence and large number of students. Furthermore, see how UOS can support international students with basic amenities/necessities during graduation ceremonies hosted on campus.

·       Open-up the volunteering opportunity in Suffolk-Plus to international students, who do not have access to UK emergency contacts.

I am equally open to feedback, ideas and suggestions of other things and how to convince the University to consider and agree to our propositions.

Hence subsequently, some surveys will go out to check the pulse of this community and gather our thoughts for what is critical to our learning experiences.

“Together, we achieve more”