Social Sciences and Humanities School Officer

Social Sciences and Humanities School Officer


Contact Emily at: SU.SSHSchoolOfficer@UOS.AC.UK


You can read Emily's latest officer report here 


I'm Emily, your new school officer for this year. I aim to be a friendly face for students to talk to. A few, maybe, interesting facts about me, I enjoy gaming on the PC and playing dungeons and dragons. Cooking is one of my past times and relieves stress for me, as well as reading. I currently study Early years and Primary education studies (EPES). Happy to listen to anything you have to ask or say, just drop me an email at: SU.SSHSchoolOfficer@UOS.AC.UK

As your School Officer I want to work closely with the President for Education in order to make sure communication throughout the university is improved and that our voices get heard. I also aim to work with the President for Wellbeing and Activities in being able to provide our school with extra curriculum courses that would work well for our prospective careers.

I have already got a good relationship with the Dean and associate Dean, meaning that I am comfortable to bring up any issues course reps send/tell me. 

I am very pleased to be your Social Science and Humanities Officer!