Vice President Campaign

The Vice President Campaign brings together all students across our campuses.

This page will:

- Keep you up to date with relevant news from your Vice President

- Inform you about upcoming opportunities to get involved with

- Provide updates on Campaign points, social activities and representation for the members 

Your SU Vice President

Charley Holden

I was elected to help make things better for students. So come say hi and talk about any issues you have!

I am a History Graduate
Favourite Film: Howls moving castle
Favourite Food: Most food
Favourite Quote: “Never put a sock in yesterday” - Eddie Izzard


If you want to speak to me you will find me around campus (I will have an Orange SU lanyard, and might even be in my Student Officer Hoody), OR you can get into contact with me via the Typeform below


Here is what I will be working on this year:

1) Make facilities more accessible to students

2) Improve transparency within the students union and the university

3) Work with students, societies and liberation officers in order to understand student needs better

4) Continue to work on engagement on the other campuses focusing on bury campus for the meantime

5) Improve spaces for students to complain and have those complaints and issues addressed and dealt with


Here is the manifesto that I won my election on:

Truth Trust and Transparency

What I aim to do:

Improve student welfare and engagement at the university

Improve transparency within the SU and the university

Make the facilities avilable to students more accessible

Work with societies to better understand student needs 

Further engagment with other campuses

Continue with representation within the university 


What I do

Make promises I can keep


Above all truth to the students

Trust to deal with welfare issues in the best way possible                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Transparency in how issues are managed                                                                                                                                                       


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