Students with Caring Responsibilities Campaign

The Students with Caring Responsibilities Campaign brings together all students across our campuses that identify as being a student with caring responsibilities.

This page will:

- Keep you up to date with relevant news from your Liberation Officer

- Ensure there is a comfortable and fully inclusive environment in which students with caring responsibilities can prosper without fear of discrimination

- Provide updates on Campaign points, social activities and representation for the members 

Your SU Students with Caring Responsibilities Officer 

Carolyn Leader

I'm currently studying Early Childhood Studies 
Favourite Film: Tears of the Sun
Favourite Food: Nando’s 
Favourite Quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein


If you want to speak to me you will find me around campus (I will have an Orange SU lanyard, and might even be in my Student Officer Hoody), OR you can get into contact with me via the Typeform below



Here is what I will be working on this year:





Here is the manifesto that I won my election on:

As students with caring responsibilities we have a true juggling act to perform. Not only do have to complete with university work we have the additional needs of children at home.


I am a single parent myself with a six year old daughter and am fully aware of the challenges we all face with working, caring, university and life.

It is with our best interest at heart that I feel that I can help create a better university for us all including our children, as I believe they should be part of the experience as well.


I would look to build on previous work that has taken place with the inclusion of our children in freshers week via the disco and family excursions. As well as developing more social activities for us all, to bring us all together as a unit, to enable and encourage each other.

I feel there are some areas at present that have the potential to work better for families. An example of this would be addressing reading weeks that match up with children's school holidays so we don't miss lectures or having lecture content online that would enable us to gain the same knowledge at home.


I feel this position is one of inclusion that together we can build a better university for us all.

As a parent you are a role model, you are the window through which your children will see their future. 

So let’s work together to make it the best we can.


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