Nursing Campaign

The Nursing Campaign brings together all students across our campuses that are from the Nursing Department.

This page will:

- Keep you up to date with relevant news from your Department Officer

- Inform you about upcoming opportunities to get involved with

- Provide updates on Campaign points, social activities and representation for the members 

Your SU Nursing Officer

Tansy Kent


Hiya, my name is Tansy and I am your Nursing department officer.  I would like to bring all the branches of Nursing together!


If you want to speak to me you will find me around campus (I will have an Orange SU lanyard, and might even be in my Student Officer Hoody), OR you can get into contact with me via the Typeform below


Here is what I will be working on this year:

1) More social events for nursing students

2) Drop in sessions for students to attend with other students from all branches

3) Promote more support systems from academic staff


Here is the manifesto that I won my election on:

My name is Tansy Kent. I am standing for the position of Nursing Department Officer. I am currently a second year studying Adult Nursing, I believe I would be ideal for this position as I have experience working alongside the Students' Union as a course representative for my cohort and have been working as a student recruitment ambassador. I feel that I am a good communicator for all situations and a good listener.  

As Department Officer I would like to try and bring the different branches of nursing studies together, by creating more social events or drop in sessions for students to attend.  As I am aware that it is difficult for nursing students to attend while on placement and students becoming isolated from their cohort and friends while on placement.   I would like to be able to offer more placement friendly events.

As a nursing student myself I am aware of the difficulties of this course, I would like to be able to create more of a known support system for students, this includes having face to face contact with other students from different years to support each other as a profession. Also to promote the support that teachers can provide for us and to enhance this support while on placement.

I am looking forward to making a different and helping other students completing a nursing course as Nursing Department and making University of Suffolk a better place to study.


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