BAME Campaign

The BAME Campaign brings together all students across our campuses that identify as a member of the BAME Community.

This page will:

- Keep you up to date with relevant news from your Liberation Officer

- Ensure there is a comfortable and fully inclusive environment in which BAME students can prosper without fear of discrimination

- Provide updates on Campaign points, social activities and representation for the members 

Your SU BAME Officer 

Justin Moyes


I am very excited about the opportunity of representing all of you; thank-you for the trust you had in electing me with such a huge mandate!

I'm currently studying Sociology
Favourite Film: Amelie
Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese 
Favourite Quote: “I tried to be normal once. Worst two minutes of my life” - Ziad K. Abdelnour


If you want to speak to me you will find me around campus (I will have an Orange SU lanyard, and might even be in my Student Officer Hoody), OR you can get into contact with me via the Typeform below



Here is what I will be working on this year:

1) Celebrate Black History Month

2) Create a Peer to Peer Network

3) Mark Holocaust Awareness Day



Here is the manifesto that I won my election on:

Hi all

I’m running for Black Members Officer as i'd like to continue James’s work to ensure fairness runs throughout our university.

I would also like to continue the work of reviewing the curriculum with the university to allow for contributions from scholars outside of Europe to be recognised where appropriate and broaden our understanding of our increasingly connected world. 

Before undertaking my Sociology degree I was a workplace union rep and officer as well as a member of workplace and labour BAME groups. I also attended several national delegate, learning and BAME conferences and so would like to use the experience of organising, campaigning and negotiating to help students here realise their potential, raise awareness of what the Student Union can do for you and increase participation.


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