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Resource Library

Resource Library

Welcome Committee Members,


Here we have created a library of resources, especially for you. Throughout your time as a President, Secretary or Treasurer, you will need the documents available here to assist your society’s activity on a regular basis. So, without further ado, take a look at the selection below and download whatever your society currently needs!

The best way to get advice about running a successful society is by attending Committee Training. This takes place every year. The next time for this is during refreshers. Email your SU at for more info!

SU Societies Code of Conduct

All students involved in your society must follow the Code of Conduct. By signing up to your society online, you are agreeing to adhere to this code.


Committee Members Contact Form

Changed your committee recently? Need to let the Student Activities Coordinator know who’s new? keep an up-to-date copy of who your Committee is and send it onto the Coordinator.



Outlines the principles, procedures and aims your society will follow throughout the academic year. This ensures your society outlines and upholds the good practice which is expected from members at all times. Ensure all members approve and sign it.


Society Development Plan

This is an exceptional document to collate all of the committee members’ thoughts and ideas about the direction of the society. You should complete a development plan at the start + end of every academic year (during your AGM/EGM) and ensure all members sign and approve it. This plan outlines all of the targets and goals you wish to achieve during your time in your role. You will also be invited to explore the ways in which you can achieve the targets you set. You'll have the chance to review your progress in line with your goals and the actions set out in this plan at committee meetings and at your society's end of year AGM. You can also discuss and review your progress or any obstacles you may be facing with SU staff, just pop in and see us.


Risk Assessment Template

You must complete a risk assessment form before every event your society puts on. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to complete a risk assessment, a fellow Committee member must do so on your behalf.

AGM Information Sheet

Outlines what an AGM is and what it involves. This document also breaks down and explains the AGM Agenda.


AGM Agenda

The official document which is used to guide every society’s AGM at the end of every academic year.


see the guide below on how to admin your society group