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Your SU is dedicated to giving you guys the best student experience possible. Joining a society is one of the many ways you can get involved in fun activities outside of your studies. Societies are an asset to the SU, bringing you more opportunities to make friends, build support networks and learn new skills.

All of the societies are run by committees which volunteer to provide you with these great opportunities. From course societies representing the interests of their students, liberation societies for underrepresented groups and leisure societies just for the fun of it, we are sure there is something for you! We highly recommend joining a society, and having a committee role looks great on a CV. Check out the menu on the left hand side to get information on joining our existing societies, or starting your own one! If you have any questions regarding societies, drop us an email at 


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    Pole and Aerial Society

      Pole dance and aerial arts are relatively young sports that provide the opportunity and environment for anyone to learn these fun-filled, exciting skills. These skills include pole dancing, aerial hoop (also known as Lyra), aerial silks and aerial hammock. The great thing about these sports is that they can be whatever YOU want them to be, whether that be strength based or more dance orientated all the way through to full on circus. This is a great way to build strength, confidence, fun and make new friends all whilst learning this new skill. An all inclusive society, for all to enjoy.

      Please give some ideas of activities your society would run

      Pole dance lessons for the absolute beginner through to the more experienced. Stretch, flexibility classes and strength and conditioning classes for brushing up on techniques and skills. Choreography classes for those who like the more dance orientated flow. Workshops with all sorts of names in the industry within a range of styles and skills. Competitions and showcases too among other fun activities such as photo shoots and mini-tours.
    Shauna McArdle
    12:15am on 12 Sep 19 Fantastic idea and great health benefits for students
    Bethany Hill
    10:24am on 12 Sep 19 Thank you!! I'm so glad there has been this much interest! :)
    Alex Adams
    6:09pm on 13 Sep 19 I'd love to get involved in this! I do a lot of pole and aerial and have my own portable pole and hoop if I can be of any help getting this going!!!!
    Rada Stoycheva
    8:07pm on 13 Sep 19 I'd love to try!!!