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Here is the Democratic Knowledge you seek - because you are awesome like that!  

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Nice to see you are interested in how our important stuff works. Here is a quick (rather rough) run down of how it all works - Course Rep elections are held for the year's representatives in September/October time, this will mean every cohort of Students will have at least one student that represents them at Student Council (Meeting of all Course Reps that decide what the SU does, pretty much) and Course Committee Meetings (Meeting of all key members of the Course, plus all Course Reps from those Courses, and a chance to provide honest constructive feedback). These are both hugely important, while one can shape the student experience at University, the other can shape the academic one, I'll let you work out which is which.


Here is an easy to understand picture - and we all love explanations in pictures!


The next bit of info you need to know is that there are also elections held in February/March time, which focus on getting Student Officers (Full-time paid and part-time Department, Liberation and Campus Officers). These elections include a nominations period, training for candidates, campaigning and voting, and then....*drum roll please* results! The wonderful winners will then become the following years Student Officers, and both part-time and full-time Officers will be there to represent students in a larger context and at senior meetings, while also being key to implementing the will of Student Council and thus the will of the Student Body - did you like that I used thus, it felt all Shakespearean, anyway, I digress.


Those are the key pieces, slightly like an IKEA product, now you might need to put it together a bit more by reading the detailed information below. Wait....come back, I forgot to tell you one last MAHOUSIVELY IMPORTANT THING - YOU can run for these positions, yes you, and you can do brilliant things and learn great skills, all of which you can take with you along with your degree to that big wide world! 


I think I just heard you say "Can I have a look at how each democratic area works".....why yes, you certainly can! 



There you have a breakdown of each area!

Take a wander over to the Campaigns page and see what your representatives are working on by clicking here! To find out more details about Student Council, click here! Then why not click here to put yourself forward to be a Course Rep or Student Officer (you know you want to)!

Just in case you are a legal beagle - here is some info you will love!



Our Governance & Trustees

Legal Structure

University of Suffolk Students’ Union is a registered charity (1153426). Our registered office is at Waterfront Building, Neptune Quay, Ipswich, IP4 1QJ.                                                                     

All students of the University of Suffolk  automatically become members of the Union unless they opt out of membership.

The Union’s governing documents are the memorandum and articles of association and the bye-laws. Details of The Union’s Board of Trustees can be found below.

Suffolk Union Services Limited

The Union owns a subsidiary company called Suffolk Union Services Limited (registered in England and Wales; registered number 7316145; registered office at Waterfront Building, Neptune Quay, Ipswich, IP4 1QJ) which operates the Union’s trading interests. The company’s Board of Directors consists of 3 members:

 President (Education & Engagement),  Vice-President (Rights & Activities) and the Chief Executive.

Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is the body that oversees the operations of the Students' Union. It sets the long term strategies for the organisation and ensures the SU is fulfilling its purpose: to represent the students. The Trustee Board is made up of the President and Vice President of the SU, as well as two students appointed by Student Council. There are also four non-student trustees who donate their time and bring specific expertise and experience to the Board meetings.

The Trustee Board also:

  • Oversee the SU's finances
  • Uphold the SU's mission and values
  • Uphold the law and oversee the operations and management



Memorandum and Articles of Association


Bye Laws

Elections Bye Law

Members Code of Conduct Bye Law

Trustees and Executive's Code of Conduct Bye Law

Disciplinary Procedures Bye Law