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More Info About The Roles

Course Rep:

The Role:

1) Proactively gather feedback from students on their course and identify possible solutions to bring to the Course Committee Meetings

2) Represent the collective view of all students on their course

3) Attend Course Committee Meetings (1 or 2 per semester)

3) Attend Union Council

4) Feedback any outcomes from meetings back to students

The Benefits:

- Make a positive contribution to the University by improving the student experience for your classmates

- Receive support and training from your Students' Union on how to represent students' views

- Gain and develop skills and improve your CV

- Receive recognition from the University in your transcript after being active in the role

- Meet new people and make friends!


Campus Officer:

The Role:

Similar to that of a Course Rep, however, you will be representing the entire campus and hold a position that is equivalent to a Student Officer and you will be involved in senior meetings at the campus

The Benefits:

Benefits you enjoy this will include those that Course Reps do, with the addition of any training or rewards in place for the Student Officer team


NUS Delegate

The Role:

 Attend the annual National Union of Students Conference in March (Held in Glasgow)

Represent the collective student body at the Conference

Actively prepare for the Conference by reading any relevant materials that the Students' Union receives from NUS in the build-up to Conference

The Benefits:

You will be attending a Conference with some of the most active and influential young people in the country

The experience of acting as a representative at a significant and large-scale conference

Hear and be involved in some of the newest and engaging opinions and arguments on national issues.

Get travel and accommodation to go to Glasgow and get all of these experiences

Due to the NUS rules, and the fact both our Full-Time Officers are women the only people that can apply are those who self define as men. But this might not be the case next year.