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The University of Suffolk and the Students’ Union will present the Staff and Student Awards on Tuesday 19 May 2020.

The event will recognise the contributions of staff and students and their exceptional accomplishments.

Please enter your nomination, by clicking on the button below.  You can nominate more than once!

Awards Available

Most Inspiring Lecturer of the Year

Has your lecturer helped you achieve more than you thought you could? Have they encouraged you to progress and succeed in your studies or career? Have they taught you in new, different or engaging ways that have encouraged you to know more?

Then they might just be a candidate for the Most Inspiring Lecturer of the year!

Personal Tutor of the Year 

Your Personal Tutor is there to help you through your studies at the University of Suffolk. Has your Personal Tutor always been there for you? Have they been helpful, approachable and willing to go the extra mile for you? Then maybe you should nominate them for Personal Tutor for the Year! 

Heart of the University (Staff) 

If you’ve received a helping hand from an unexpected place or had someone other than your lecturer go the extra mile for you. If you want to recognise a member of staff from the Infozone, Library, Student Services, the Students’ Union, Estates, IT... or anyone who is not a member of the academic staff, then this is the award to do it. Nominate them for the Heart of the University Award.

Sports and Societies Personality of the Year 

Everyone involved in running Sports and Societies gives up their own time to provide fantastic additional opportunities to fellow students. This award is presented to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their role to improve the university experience.

Sports and Societies Personality of the Year

Do you know someone with a real passion and drive for their sports team or society? Someone who has given it 110%? This award is for them. 

Heart of the University (student)

If you know a student who goes that extra mile for people, someone with a heart for other people, and you want to recognise that, you can nominate them for this award. 

Course Rep of the Year 

Course Reps provide your course with a voice. If your course rep has worked extra hard to represent you, then this award is for them. 

Sports Team of the Year 

This is for a team that has shown consistent enthusiasm and dedication to their sport. 

Society of the Year

This is for a society that has shown consistent enthusiasm and dedication to their society, who have made a real impact and worked hard at sharing their passion. 


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