Staff & Student Awards 2019

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Staff & Student Awards 2019

The Student Nominations

The Staff and Student Awards is an annual event where the University staff and students come together to celebrate the year's achievements and successes. 

The Students’ Union received all nominations submitted by students and here is the full list.

Congratulations to all the following people who have been nominated into the following categories:

Most Inspiring Lecturer of the Year Nominees

Has your lecturer helped you achieve more than you thought you could? Have they encouraged you to progress and succeed in your studies or career? Have they taught you in new, different or engaging ways that have encouraged you to know more?

Then they might just be a candidate for the Most Inspiring Lecturer of the year!

Aaron Tietjen, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics, in the Department of Science and Technology.

Adrian Thackeray, Lecturer in Health Sciences.  

Andy Flockhart (Nominated 15 times), Clinical Instructor for the Paramedic Science Team.

Angela Cobbold (nominated twice), Lecturer and Course Leader Operating Department Practise.

Christopher Turner, Course Leader in Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Science.

Cristian Dogaru (nominated twice), Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies

Dave Pimm (nominated 3 times), Lecturer in Computer Games Design.

Fiorentina Sterkaj (nominated 5 times), Senior Lecturer in Psychology.

Jess Clark, Senior Lecturer in Children, Young people and Policy.

Jonathan Jonathan Harvey (nominated 4 times), Senior Lecturer in Tourism, Events and Management. 

Linda Johnson, Lecturer in Health Sciences. 

Lindsey Scott (nominated 3 times), Lecturer in English.

Nick Lewin, Senior Lecturer in Counselling.

Rachael Martin (nominated 4 times), Lecturer in Psychology.

Rachel Grenfell-Essam (nominated 4 times), Senior Lecturer in Psychology.

Sarah Coombs, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies.

Shortlisted nominees, invited to the Awards Ceremony:

Rachel Martin

Jonathan Harvey

Andrew Flockhart


Personal Tutor of the Year Nominees

Your Personal Tutor is there to help you through your studies at the University of Suffolk. Has your Personal Tutor always been there for you? Have they been helpful, approachable and willing to go the extra mile for you? Then maybe you should nominate them for Personal Tutor for the Year! 

Adam Whybray, Lecturer in Film

Angela Cobbold, Senior Lectuer, Dept of Health Science

Annie Barker, Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Christopher Newman, Learning Network @ Lowestoft College

Fiorentina Sterkaj, Senior Lecturer in Psychology 

Fran Hyde Lecturer in Marketing/PR

Gavin Devereux, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health & Science

Jennifer Amos, Lecturer (English)

Pippa Sharp, Lecturer (Adult Nursing)

Rachel Grenfell-Essam, Senior Lecturer in Psychology 

Shaun Hammond (nominated twice), Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Bus, ApSS

Stephen Coleman, Senior Lecturer (Law)

Stuart McErlain-Naylor, Lecturer in Sports & Exercise


Shortlisted nominees, invited to the Awards Ceremony:

Fran Hyde

Jenifer Amos

Shaun Hammond


Heart of the University (Staff) Nominees

Have you received a helping hand from an unexpected place?

Fiorentina Sterkaj, Senior Lecturer in Psychology 

Laura Pennie, Deputy Academic Registrar 

Wendy Lecluyse, Senior Lecturer -Early Childhood Studies 

Andrea Healey, Learning Network @ West Suffolk College

Shortlisted nominees, invited to the Awards Ceremony:

Fiorentina Sterkaj

Wendy Lecluyse 

Andrea Healey

Sports and Societies Personality of the Year Nominees

Everyone involved in running Sports and Societies gives up their ow time to provide fantastic additional opportunities to fellow students. This award is presented to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their role to improve the university experience.

Andrew Bolt 

Amy Yeldham

Nicolas Caffin

Pete Tompkins

Becky Godbold

Shortlisted nominees, invited to the Awards Ceremony:

Amy Yeldham

Pete Tompkins

Becky Godbold


Nominations submitted by SU staff


Heart of the University (student) Nominees 

Jessica Paul

Chris Rowe

Kevin de Keijzer

Course Reps Nominees 

Miranda Vaughan 
Alex Gooch 
Francis Miller/Laura Peeling 
Hannah Dersley 

Sports Team of the Year Nominees  

Men’s Football 
Women’s Football 

Society of the Year Nominees 

Paramedic Society

Christian Union

Experience Society


The University of Suffolk and the Students’ Union will present the Staff and Student Awards on Thursday 23 May 2019. Congratulations to everyone! 


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