Suffolk Student Wellbeing Ambassadors

Suffolk Student Wellbeing Ambassadors

The Suffolk Student Well-being Ambassador (SSWA) is a new pilot ambassador role within the Student Union team. The SSWA engage and represent both the University of Suffolk and Students' Union online and offline by promoting well-being events and initiatives.  


Meet your SSWA's below. 

Name: Andy Chalmers 

Course: Photography ( 3rd Year) 

I work as a Student Ambassador for the University, and I’m a third year on the Photography BA course. I enjoy skateboarding, creating art and boxing as they help me clear my mind and enjoy my own company. 

For many years I’ve been passionate about visual arts such as photography and film, and through these passions, I have produced various works which explore the causes and impacts of mental health problems in various hobbies, professions and social circles. Students are one of the groups whose wellbeing suffers the most and having experienced this myself throughout stressful times in my first and second years, I have developed an interest in finding ways to improve and protect your own wellbeing. 

I was excited by the prospect of being a SSWA because I saw it as an opportunity to contribute to a service that I would have loved to make use of in my own first year of University and because I feel that my creative skillset can be an effective method of getting information to students.


Name: Meg Wright 

Course Studying: 3rd-year Psychology 


Here at the University of Suffolk, I am the president of the ‘Where’s your head at?’ mental health society and a Student’s Union Active Well-being volunteer. I also enjoy playing netball and socialising with friends. 

Promoting and boosting student well-being is so important because mental health is a vital part of your life and has an impact on your thoughts, behaviours and emotions; determining how you handle stress, relate to others and make choices. Being healthy mentally can also promote productivity and effectiveness when it comes to studying. 

Through both personal and work/volunteer experiences my passion for mental health and well-being began to grow and it is now a very strong interest of mine; so, this is why I was delighted to have the opportunity of being a SSWA.