Democracy and Representation

Democracy and Representation


Josh Younespour



Nice to see you are reading the best bio yet. You may have already sussed out that my name is Josh, can’t get nothing past you! I’m a graduate from Anglia Ruskin University where I studied History, great course but it can get a bit old.


My role at the SU is all to do with Democracy & Representation. As a student led charity our democracy is essential to the effectiveness of this. That is boring speak for Course Reps and Student Officers that are all current students studying can make decisions and change how the SU works for the rest of the students at this Uni. If you are ever interested in how this works or how you can get involved, just drop me a message!























I am Harvey. I am a student in my final Year of a BSc (Hons) Bioscience degree.

I am working for the SU as a Democracy & Representation Assistant which means I help with our democratic student council.

Outside of this, I love travelling and photography! My big dream is definitely to take a road trip the USA and take some amazing photos along the way.