Communications and Events

Communications and Events

Communications and Events Coordinator 



My name is Gergana and I am here for all the fun.

I am an Aberdeen and Amsterdam Universities alumna (basically picked unis that start with A).

I think student life is awesome and my role is to make it even more fun and memorable for you. I plan events like Freshers and Re:Freshers Week, Summer Ball, Christmas Disco, Pets as Therapy sessions and last but not least- the Ice Cream van! People say I make dreams come true, so if you have a fun idea, don’t be shy and share it, I might be able to help you make it happen.

  • I am interested in communications, languages, social media and the effects of technology on human interactions and relationships.
  • I attempt to do some crafts.
  • I am a gelato connoisseur, I love travelling, adventures, pizza and my hammock.
  • I am also a wannabe photographer, experimenting with my cool looking Olympus.






  Communications and events assistant 

Hi, I am Katie a first year student and now a communications and events assistant for the SU. I will be working with Gergana to help plan events, work on the social media and answer any questions you have. I care about everyones uni experience and hope I can plan some great events for you all to enjoy. I love music, binge watching netflix, baking, reading and having fun with my friends.