Communications and Engagement

Communications and Engagement


My name is Gergana and I am here for all the fun.

I think student life is awesome and my role is to make it even more fun and memorable for you.

I will ocassionally send you an email with an update from your SU (never spam, always useful info about opportunities you don't want to miss out on). You would make my day if you follow us on social media @UOSSU (Facebook) and @uosunion (Instagram) 

I plan events like Freshers and Re:Freshers Week, Summer Ball, Christmas Disco, Pets as Therapy sessions and last but not least- the Ice Cream van! People say I make dreams come true, so if you have a fun idea, don’t be shy and share it, I might be able to help you make it happen.

I also work closely with our Student Activities coordinator to improve our student engagement and with our Commercial Development Coordinator on working with local and national brands. 

  • I am interested in communications, languages, social media and the effects of technology on human interactions and relationships.
  • I attempt to do some crafts.
  • I am a gelato connoisseur, I love travelling, adventures, pizza and my hammock.
  • I am also a wannabe photographer, experimenting with my cool looking Olympus.