Advice and Information

Advice and Information



I’m Nancy, the Advice and Information Coordinator. I’m here for any students needing advice about university-related matters, for example studying, living and general well-being. Feel free to send a message and pop in the office for a chat! 

I love travelling and my dream is to continue travelling around the world. So far, I have been skydiving and hang-gliding so next on my bucket list is to do a Bungee Jump. My party trick is the worm.






I am a mature student who is currently in my second year of Sociology. I have a wealth of experience in working with vulnerable adults. I started working for the Students’ Union during the summer as Advice and Information Assistant and have developed a good understanding of the problems facing students, from academic life to personal life. My aim is to support the students throughout their degree in order to have the best possible experience. 

My long-term goal after completing my degree is to go travelling around Europe to explore different cultures and historical cities, my ultimate goal is to visit an active volcano. My favourite things include reading, petting animals, napping, petting more animals, gaming, thinking about petting animals, tattoos, planning my next nap, watching anime and music. 

My favourite author is Alison Weir and my hero is Son Goku. I currently have 6 acorns in my backpack. if I had one wish it would be to make all dogs age slowly, so they can live until you pass on.