Workout at home

Workout at home


Social sports have gone online!

In a bid to keep everyone as active, happy, and relaxed as possible during this second lockdown, we have moved some of our social sports sessions online! Everyone can take part in these from home.

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Jessie's Workouts

Jessie, our Front of House Coordinator loves staying active, and as she can't go out to gyms at the moment, she had to adapt with what she has at home. She is sharing her favourite workouts with you today.

''I love starting each morning with some form of exercise, whether it's for 10 minutes or an hour you will feel great after, and it really helps me have a productive day. There is a ton of online workout material available, sometimes it can be really overwhelming to know where to start or what might work for you so I wanted to suggest a few apps and websites I've been using personally."