New students

First things first, welcome to the University of Suffolk and most importantly your Students' Union!

We're a charity led by your Student Officers and we want to make sure that we give you the knowledge to shape, mould and develop your experience at the University of Suffolk. We deliver your sports, societies, events and much more whilst you work hard and play harder at University. We are located in the Library building next to the break out area, our doors are always open for you to pop in!


We’ve put together a few key points about starting University and what’s going on… 


1. Freshers Fortnight!

Freshers fortnight is here and better than ever, with something to suit everyone we are really proud of the Freshers’ we have put together. Some people assume Freshers’ is only for youngsters who want to party. This isn’t true, Freshers' week is all about getting yourself out there, trying something new and most of all, meeting OTHER students! Don't miss out on your Freshers' week because you don't think you fit the 'Freshers' mould, that's not how we do things here at Suffolk! Details of our events can be found here.


2. Meet your President and Vice President

The students in the previous year voted for a new President, Vice President, school and liberation officers, Georgia, and Amy were delighted to be re-elected by the student body and look forwards to another year, representing you! You’ll be able to meet Georgia and Amy throughout freshers’ fortnight, they love meeting new students so if you spot them don’t be afraid to have a chat. If you can’t make Freshers’, you’ll be able to find them in the SU office and around campus.


3. Struggling to settle into uni life?

If you're having problems adjusting to University life, please check out our Advice page here. This should help with any academic, accommodation, finance, wellbeing and healthcare problems. If your feeling lonely, isolated or suffer from anxiety, we have a active wellbeing programme that aims to boost students general wellbeing and mood by providing 6 free social sport sessions, click here for more information.

If not please pop into your SU, drop us an email at or give us a call at 01473 338155.


4. Try something new!

When starting University, it is a great time to try something new that maybe you never thought you would do? We have a wide range of societies, social sports, competitive sports and events for you to try out. So why not step outside your comfort zone now! 


5. Parking!

There are currently four car parks on campus:

University Car Park – open to students, staff and visitors only.

The Wharf Car Park (beyond the James Hehir Building) – open to students, staff and visitors only.

Athena Hall Car Park (covered parking beneath the student residences) – open to public parking and University users at concessionary rates.

Duke Street Public Car Park -  open to public.

For more information and the car parking permit application, please visit the Univeristy of Suffolk's guide here.


6. Join our socials!

Finally, keep up to date with all things SU by following our social media accounts linked below...