Green Impact

Green Impact

University of Suffolk Students’ Union green impact

Last year your SU Officers and members staff worked around the clock on our green impact campaign and were rewarded a rating of ‘Very Good’ by the NUS (National Union of Students). This year our aim is to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating from the NUS.

The award exists to drive positive sustainability across University campuses. Each year, Students’ Union’s are encouraged to take part and submit evidence to show they are championing green issues and reducing negative environmental impact.

As a team, we identified some key areas within our organisation for improvement, and acted on these with various campaigns and ideas, as such our officers have been working hard this year on several campaigns, some of which have already been achieved and implemented:

  • Our ‘reuse it or lose it’ campaign introduced a microwave on campus for students and staff and provided re-usable lunchboxes, bottles and compostable cutlery to collectively reduce plastic consumption at the University. 
  • A poster around water fountains challenging students and staff to not use disposable plastic cups.
  • During our random acts of kindness week, we gave out recyclable bags.
  • Gave out free bamboo pens to students.
  • Bought locally sourced goods such as fresh produce. 
  • We have even cut down on our own waste within the Students’ Union by printing less.
  • Using the mini bus for events and societies to save the use of multiple cars.
  • Buying unbleached recyclable teabags
  • Not using dates on signs or banners, so they can be reused periodically. 



What are we doing next?

  • Student council voted to change the university’s browser from google to Ecosia, a charity that uses all profits to plant trees.
  • The Students’ Union is aiming to loan out our bikes to students who would benefit from the reduction in cost of fares or using transport. Students will be able to place a deposit on the bike and use it all semester!
  • We are currently in talks with the cafes within the university to offer a 10p reduction on all hot drinks to students and staff who use a reusable coffee mug, further reducing waste.
  • We actively encourage student and staff food donations, which go to a local foodbank charity in Ipswich.

Take a look at our 2018/2019 SMART Action Plan for more information here!

Read our sustainability policy here.

Green Impact Survey 

We conducted a survey asking students about their knowledge and understanding of a sustainable environment as well as habits and any recommendations. The full report can be found here

As part of Green Impact, we have identified our most significant environmental impacts and are considering the ways in which we can limit them. Take a look at the matrix below and let us know if you have any ideas about what we can do to improve sustainability at your SU.


Have you got a suggestion, or do you want to get involved? We want to hear from you! Please get in touch with us by email,, Facebook Uosunion and Twitter, Uosunion. You can find out more about Green Impact here.