SU Sports

Your SU offers you opportunities not only to take part in sport and physical activity in an environment to suit you, but also leadership opportunities and CV development.

From yoga to badminton and football to swimming, there's something for everyone and it's priced just perfectly for students too (hoorah!)



For 2017/18, your SU will be represented in BUCS by 3 teams (see below). They will wear your SU colours (orange mainly!) and compete against rival Universities! It's just £60.00 per year to join one of our teams. 

Trials for your 2017/18 teams are during Freshers Week. Details below!

Sign up using our ticket site, Fatsoma, by clicking the team you wish to try out for


To sign up to a team, click the relevant teams button below...



For the more social sport minded amongst you, we have a variety of options too! Click the banner above to see our current schedule!

During Freshers Week, you'll find Archery Tag (yes, you can fire arrows at your friends -sort of-) then moving into the term there will be badminton, yoga, pilates, basketball, self defence, swimming, zumba and so much more.



Sport exists for YOU to enhance your experience at University. If we cannot offer what you want, we'll find a local sports club or organisation that can and introduce you accordingly.

But, if taking part isn't for you, we can also look into opportunities to volunteer at sporting events around the county. 


So, who's up for getting involved?

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