Summer Ball

Summer Ball





Memories from Summer Ball 2019: 

Once we walked down the red carpet and were greeted with swathes of nibbles and a glass of bubbly, I felt extra fancy before we even got to the main summer ball venue. 

This year the summer ball was held at Isaacs with a meet and greet in the Waterfront building. After the photographer took my favourite picture of myself and my husband we were looking forward to a sunny evening of fun and entertainment – what was to follow exceed all our expectations! 

We took some selfies in the Hall of Fame Art Gallery, where my friend did his best ‘Scream’ impression, my phone filled up with hilarious pictures to look back on for the years ahead! We were wowed by a fantastical magician/sorcerer when we got our first drinks and had a boogie on the dance floor. Soon to follow was a performance by the aerial hoop artist, and this made me feel a little on edge but the skill of the artist amazed me at the same time. 

After a couple more drinks we became aware that there was a silent disco in a secret hideaway – Not that you could hear it! I think watching other students become seemingly possessed by the music in their ears is what enticed us in, and its where we continued to return to throughout most of the night. Listening to Eminem and Beyoncé at the same time proved to make people move in very different ways to each other! 

As the night continued the hoop artist made another performance for us in the silent disco, spinning what looked like 300 hoops all over her body – it was just mesmerising to watch. Later that evening, when the sun finally set but the air was still warm, it was set to get hotter! A fire eating performance was the flaming cherry on top of the night that took our breath away! 

After the party there was an after party and whether it was to remember or forget…. I’ll let you be the judge of that! Here’s to next year’s Summer Ball – I hope you can top it!

Author: Elgin Thwaites