Theatres & Cinemas

Theatres & Cinemas

Sir John Mills Theatre 

Eastern Angles Theatre Company combines heritage with theatre to make regional stories and hidden histories come to life on stage. They provide professional rural touring and site-specific theatre with a focus on new writing, new audiences and the development of new talent. Their stories and themes are derived from our sense of place, specifically East Anglia and the East of England.  

Regent Theatre 

Regent Theatre is a theatre and concert venue located at St Helen's Street in Ipswich, It's East Anglia's largest theatre, the auditorium was refurbished in 2007 and now holds 1,551 people. The Regent hosts a variety of events from pantomimes to ballets to concerts and comedians and contains refreshments for a great night at the theatre; whatever you taste. 



Red Rose Chain Theatre 

Every week at Red Rose Chain they run inclusive, free at source workshops for disadvantaged young people, disabled young people and young people with mental health issues as well as adults with mental health issues, learning difficulties and struggling with addiction. Whether they're performing Shakespeare or developing new writing, they are always finding ways of engaging and involving youth groups, schools and hard to reach audiences who might not normally have the chance to experience the arts. They sell highly affordable tickets and are known for some much-loved performances such as Theatre in the Forrest which occur frequently. 


New Wolsey Theatre

Their mission is to create, develop and produce a vital and dynamic programme of theatre, and other live performances and projects, for all the people of Suffolk and surrounding areas. They combine their own productions, projects, collaborations with other partners and touring work, to create a programme of performances and creative learning projects of the highest quality, maximum diversity and greatest possible accessibility, within a sound and sustainable financial framework. They host a variety of different types of theatre so keep your eyes peeled for what catches your fancy. 

Ipswich Film Theatre 

A two-screen cinema, IFT is Ipswich’s only independent cinema. It is situated in the Corn Exchange in King Street, Ipswich. 

IFT specialises in independent and world cinema. It presents films for people who are looking for something different from the mainstream Hollywood/multiplex experience. 



looking for a familiar chain? 


Ipswich has 2 multiplex cinemas within a stone's throw of the Waterfront Building.

Empire Cinemas

Empire cinema in Ipswich is a state-of-the-art twelve-screen complex and both Empire, and East Anglia’s, first all-laser projection cinema complex powered by Barco’s Flagship Laser projectors. They prioritise the film experience and offer a variety of comfort choices from recliners to sofas. 


A multiplex cinema chain showing the latest international blockbusters in 2D and 3D and 4DX formats.