Student Officers

Who are they, what do they do?

Your Student Officer Team (SOT) are elected by you, to lead the Students’ Union. From equality and diversity to student-led activities, the Exec Team are here to make students’ lives better, by addressing the many different needs of the student body.

As your representatives, the Student Officer Team listen to your ideas and wishes, communicating them to the Students’ Union, the University and the county of Suffolk, to get them considered at the highest of levels. 

Alongside backing your proposals, the SOT will continue to push forward their manifestos, which you voted for to improve student life at University. Just remember, they are here to represent you, so get in touch and tell us what you think would make students’ lives better!

The team meet regularly to discuss SU Policy, Motions, and how to create the best Student Experience 

The Student Officer Team Meeting membership is both Full-Time and Part-Time officers as voting members. 

The Student Officer Team have regular meetings to discuss;

  • The implementation an interpretation of SU Policy
  • Representation and campaigning work
  • Coordinating action requested by Union Council


As Officers are accountable to their students, the Meeting agenda, notes and documents are all placed here. 


Meeting Date Agenda / Minutes  Documents 
15-02-17 Agenda  
01-02-17 Agenda  


Now introducing your Student Officer Team for this year: