How can you help?

How can you help?




Your Students' Union has been working hard to secure a better deal for students that will help them with their cost of living, but there's still plenty left to do, and plenty of ways you can help!


Find out what work your SU has already been up to



Your President Education, Alex, is setting up a local campaign group aimed at securing a better deal for students on the cost of living, and providing peer support throughout the academic year.

The campaign group is meeting next on October 24th, 5pm, in the SU Social Space - all are welcome! We'll be meeting to hear updates from Alex on the wins we've already secured, and to plan what we want to aim to secure next!

The National Union of Students has been lobbying the government for more support for students, and one part of this campaign is the petition - add your name and voice for the call for greater support from government

NUS are also running a survey to try to understand how the cost of living crisis is impacting students - the more students that fill it out, the clearer a picture we'll get of how students are being affected and what support they need. The survey closes on November 1st.
In the near future we'll be announcing some exciting direct support for students that we'll be offering over this term - if you'd like to be involved in volunteering to help deliver some of this support email to register your interest.


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